Welcome To NadieLabs Inc.,

Our Services

Our decades long experience in the software industry helps us deliver solutions and software and software services to our customers to meet their evolving business needs.

Software Development Services

We build and help customers build systems using latest technologies and solution sets.

Our experienced team of professionals will work with our customers to understand their needs to see where and how we can help build systems and solutions to improve and optimize their processes. We work with our customers on different engagement models that fits our customers needs

Software Support Services

We help our customers by providing cost-effective on-site and offshore support services.

Our software support Services team spread across the globe will be available to provide 24/7 support needed. We support systems built using legacy technologies and we also provide support services for bon on cloud systems.

AI/ML Services

We assist our customers to add AI and ML capabilities to their business processes.

Our AI Consulting services team helps customers understand rapidly evolving AI landscape and see how they can utilize the AI Capabilities.

Legacy Modernization

We work with our customers to understand their current technology landscape and help them build a legacy modernization roadmap.

We meet with business stakeholders and end users to understand their pain points and the systems they use and we come up with a plan to simplify, optimize and modernize their applications landscape with a defined timeline

Collaboration Solutions

Our ready to use collaboration solutions will help customers engage their external partners to streamline digital assets management and processing.

The collaboration solution offers campaign management, product samples submissions management and creative submissions modules with a simple to complex configurable workflows.

Reporting Services

We use Microsoft Tools and Technologies to provide data visualization and reporting services.

We use Azure Resources and Data Lake service offerings to store and process structure and unstructured data for reporting and data visualization using PowerBI.